Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lets start at the very beginning. . .

Hey there everyone and welcome to my blog! That is me up there; albeit a much slimmer and fitter me back in Dec '10.  I have decided to start a blog, well obviously!  I have been debating starting up my own blog for a very long time but when my friend started one up a few months back, she totally inspired me to start up my own.  You can find my friend's blog at, she is a total scream so you should definitely follow her :)
  I am probably going to write mainly about beauty and fashion related tingalings but this won't stop me writing about anything else I feel passionate or interested in so I guess this will be more of an all round blog but who knows I haven't even got started yet . . .
  I also film youtube videos which are also beauty related and if you are interested in watching me there you can find me at
  Anyway I hope you enjoy having a butchers! xxx

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